Supply List

Dress Code:

Students need shoes with a covered heel or heel strap, for safety.

Student Supplies:

  • Change of clothes for your child, including underwear, t-shirt, and pants. Place in a Gallon Ziploc type bag, with your child’s name written on it. These will be stored for the year, in case of an accident.
  • Full-size children’s backpacks are requested. Each child will have a full-size folder to transport each day
  • Water bottle and their snack/lunch box.

Snacks & Lunch:

Snacks and lunch need to be brought to school each day. We have no refrigerator available so ice packs are encouraged. Juice and other beverages that fit in the lunch box are fine but please put only water in your child’s water bottle to eliminate very sticky messes should there be spills. Be assured that children eat only their own food and NO food sharing is allowed.

eagle with backpack
Smiling children