Daily Schedule

8 a.m.:     Circle Time- greeting, songs, calendar & weather, weekly focus board, weekly social skills, foreign language, yoga, weekly affirmation

8:45 a.m.:     Center Time & Small groups (15-20 min rotations):
                       Mondays – math
                       Tuesdays – reading
                       Wednesdays – writing
                       Thursdays – science
                       Fridays – social skill review

10:45 a.m.:   *Group A Lunch/Group B Recess

11:15 a.m.:     *Group A Recess/Group B Lunch

11:45 a.m.:     Quiet Time/Rest (independent quiet activity bins & reading)

12:15 p.m.:     Specials:
                        Mondays – music
                        Tuesdays – PE
                        Wednesdays – art
                        Thursdays – science
                        Fridays – games/teamwork

12:45 p.m.:     Center Time & 1:1 time with teacher

2:00 p.m.:     **Snack Time

2:30 p.m.:     Story Time for entire class

2:50 p.m.:     Clean-up & prepare to go home

alarm clock

*Lunch & recess have been split, in order to allow distance between the children while eating.

**Snack Time is self-managed. Children will be informed they may eat a snack if they brought one from home. They will take turns eating to allow safe distancing.

Smiling children