From the students:

  • DSC_0966“Mr. Harank is the coolest teacher in the whole world! . . . We do algebra with the Phoenix Suns scores.”
  • “Last summer I was scared to go to Kindergarten. My new teacher Mr. Harank called me on the phone and told me to pack my smile in my backpack. He made me laugh. I love to go to school because Mr. Harank is so funny.”

From the parents:

  • “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging [my child] when other teachers may have just given her busy work to occupy her precocious personality. It is because of teachers like you that we have many of our leaders today.”
  • “He introduced ideas, discussed discoveries, and questioned the obscure. In his subtle way, he was teaching my child, and all the children, to think for themselves, to explore, to observe, and to listen. Isn’t this what we would all want for our children?”
  • “Mr. Harank succeeds at creating a loving, nurturing learning environment tailored perfectly to the sensibilities of kindergarten aged children. . . He has inspired our children to aggressively explore their world while at the same time making us better parents by allowing us to experience the excitement that learning instills in our children.”
  • “He motivates his students to use the skills and abilities they possess to achieve a highly individualized, self-directed program. He invites parents to share in the educational process and become fully involved in his rich child-centered classroom environment.”
  • “He has shown children and parents alike that as long as the spirit of exploration is alive and the mind is open, anything is possible.”
  • DSC_0993“Mr. Harank is probably one of the most committed, accomplished, enthusiastic teaching professionals I have had the privilege to know.”
  • “His children come out of his classes knowledgeable, worldly, enthusiastic, happy and respectful beyond what is common at this grade level. His ability to turn each lesson into an individual learning plan is what most educational systems are trying to attain today.”
  • “The enthusiasm and caring Mr. Harank brought to class every single day was inspirational.”
  • “His classroom is definitely the most positive and well balanced that we have visited… the respect that Mr. Harank and the children have for each other for each other is incomparable to any other classroom that we have seen.”
  • “We were told once that the only downside to having Mr. Harank as a teacher is that we will be hard pressed to find another as good.”
  • “Mr.Harank has always taken time to listen to my concerns and responded with thoughtful and insightful advice—advice that was generally original and, I in fact, did solve our problems.”
  • “Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful experience Mr. Harank has let us take part in… there truly in not another like you, Mr. Harank, you are and INSPIRATION!”
  • “He is one of a kind and the world is a better place for it.”
  • “I cannot say enough great things about this man. He is amazing and I feel very lucky to have had my children from him.”

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