Program Q & A

Are snacks and/or lunch provided?
Each Pre-K student must bring snacks and a lunch each school day. Each student should also bring a water bottle. Beverages other than water can stored in student lunch bags. HCLC offers lunches for purchase. Please contact Mona Volden, HCLC Parent Partnership Director, at 480-659-3098, for details. Students eat snacks during “Free Exploration” time when they are hungry and serve themselves.

Is there a nap time?
Like Kindergarten, there is no structured nap time. However, the classroom has two large bean bag chairs available for children to rest/sleep as necessary. During the lunch hour there will be some “quiet time” available as children read independently.

Is before school or after school care available?
Yes! HCLC offers before and after school care for an additional fee. See for details.

Are there Quarterly Summatives in Pre-K?
Pre-K does not hold Summatives similar to HCLC’s Kindergarten design. The last six weeks of Pre-K engages in week long projects that provide the students an opportunity to showcase / demonstrate the skills they have acquired throughout the year.

How can I obtain details about the Early Learning Standards used in the Pre-K curriculum?
The Arizona Department of Education developed these standards and are available through the State Department. Mr. Harank has a copy available.

Is there any relation of these standards/HCLC Pre-K curriculum to the “common core” standards used in higher grades?
Our Pre-K design of a highly academic and content rich curriculum combined with embedded cognitive learning approaches articulates very seamlessly with the cross content integration and “real life” application of skills that characterizes the “common core” standards of student achievement in the higher grades.