About HCLC

rectangle layout for step and repeatHorizon Community Learning Center (HCLC) is a non-profit, K-12 charter school organization serving more than 1,500 students in grades K-12 from the East Valley. HCLC provides a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with high academic standards. The integrated approach involves students solving real-life problems through cooperative, hands-on experiences so students’ understand how their classes, like life, are linked together. The goal is to maintain students’ joy and enthusiasm for learning so that academic achievement becomes a lifestyle. This goal, along with leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and character development, define the person they are meant to be.

9.12.2013HCLC exceeds all state standards placed on public schools including the areas of curriculum, student achievement, fiscal management and public accountability.

HCLC Mission
HCLC is committed to providing a safe learning environment rich in technology where students achieve academic and social excellence while solving real-life problems in a cooperative manner.

Recent Accolades

  • “A” Schools by the Arizona Department of Education
  • “Best High Schools” by U.S. News & World Report
  • “America’s Best High Schools” by Newsweek
  • Top 50 High School by Phoenix Business Journal

Visit horizonclc.org for more information on Horizon Community Learning Center.